Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Power of Music

I love music. Who doesn't? In fact I don't know anyone who doesn't love music. Although someone once told me that they dated a girl that would not sing in the car when the radio played. She didn't even hum. How that person even dated that girl is beyond me. But let me get back to my original statement. I love music.

Southern California has a radio station called The Sound - 100.3 FM. Not a very rock edgy name for a station that plays a variety of everything "rock", but still, that's what we got. Well they started this new thing on Wednesdays called Album Sides Wednesday -- all VINYL (again...not a very catchy name). They play the entire A or B side of an album. At first I thought they would be playing music that was too evolved for me and at a first listen I would immediately switch back to my XM radio (which by the way is on the blink. Seems like every October/November my XM radio wigs out and does not turn on -- but I digress). Anyway so on my way to work (stuck in traffic due to an accident) I checked out Album Sides Wednesday and what a major flashback I was having while driving the 210 freeway.

The power of music. When you can remember exactly where you were; who you were with; what you were doing; how you were feeling; what major teenage angst you were having the minute that needle touched down on that black vinyl record, then you have perserved an important memory in your history.

In the 70's I remember going to the library and "checking out" albums for three weeks and just playing them over and over. I remember listening to Carly Simon's first album which included the song, "That's the Way I've Always Heard it Should Be" and feeling like I was actually listening to an adult conversation between a man and a woman. When Anticipation came out I also got my copy from the library and played that album over and over. I use to sing those songs at school and no one...and I mean no one knew who the heck I was singing.

The power of music. I love it. If you allow it to it will penetrate deeply under your skin and trigger your senses and feelings and years later it will spring forth an exactness of time that will amaze you at first but once you get pass all that and you allow the music to envelope you in your memories -- wow that is such a wonderful feeling even when stuck in traffic. What always amazes me is the way the lyrics will suddenly spring forth from somewhere deep inside you and the next thing you know it you're singing those memories at the top of your lungs.

This morning I heard:

And on the way home I listen to Elton John's Tummbleweed Connection:

When I got home, I actually had a drive way moment where I just sat in my car listening to my radio and faded back into a memory that had been forgotten over time but quickly return at the very instant that needle touched down on that pure black vinyl memory.

Here's the young tender voice of Jackson Browne singing Love Needs a Heart:

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Tracey said...

I think my daughter would enjoy your taste in music...she's into those Beatle boys...

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