Thursday, October 30, 2008

Take Your Dramamine Before Seeing This Movie

Last night my friend and I celebrated our friend's birthday. This is a major year for girlfriend as she has been anointed as one of the lucky ones who caught her breast cancer early and went thru treatment with flying colors. She felt unwell after her chemo and radiation, but just recently she has found herself feeling soooo much better. So Wednesday night we all went out to celebrate her birthday.

She wanted to see a movie, have dessert after and open presents. I chose the movie, "Rachel Getting Married", directed by Jonathan Demme and starring Anne Hathaway.

My beef: There was no warning sign on the poster stating that this film is filmed using that free form style of camera movement. Do the words, Blair Witch Project explain what I mean?? Talk about feeling sick and nauseated throughout the entire movie! I had to watch the entire movie with my head down and peek every once in awhile thru my fingers to get an idea what was happening. I guess Director Demme thought that the audience needed to feel as if we were a guest attending the wedding and be a part of everything. I was so into the wedding that I was beginning to feel bad for not getting the happy couple a wedding gift. The constant zooming around the entire room to catch every little scene going on during the preparation of the wedding, thru the extremely long rehearsal dinner and the extremely long reception was just over kill. OMD I thought the wedding was never going to end.

The minute the first credit appeared at the end of the movie, I got up from my seat and ran to the bathroom. I don't want to kill you with suspense, so I'll just tell you right now that I didn't get sick -- but I thought I was going to get sick. I was really close to losing my popcorn.

After we all got outside and I inhaled some fresh air, I felt somewhat better--better enough to have dessert and finish our birthday celebration for Patti!

So, if you get motion sickness skip this movie or make sure you've got your to get you thru it.

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