Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ode to Halloween

Oh Halloween! To be anything and everything you've ever dream. I love all it's wrappings and all that the unwrappings bring. I love going to haunted houses and just being scared out of my wits! Instant screams and jitters--what's there not to love? I think going thru a haunted house and having some dressed up unidentified blended to the wall character pop out just awakens that hidden sense -- FEAR!

Could it be real? It just might? Is it real? It might as well be the way you jump three feet in the air. The reality is that you're in a safe "haunted house" and you can test your fear level in a safe environment. How does it rate? How high did I jump? How loud did I scream? What does it tell us all?

That we are alive.

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