Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I've been making candles for about 12 years.  During the last few years I've cut it down to only making them for the holidays.  After finally getting a partial remodel of my kitchen, it's hard to take candlemaking chances on my new counter tops and applicances.  These pics are a few of the steps necessary to take when making candles.  It's a messy process.

Here's a before shot of my kitchen prior to setting up

Here's after I've set up

This next pic is after I've poured the hot wax into the metal molds.  There are a few additional steps I make before the pour.  After the pour it's a "sit and wait" period for about 4 hours or until they're cold.

After many hours, you get a few of these


gtyyup said...

I'd be covering a beautiful kitchen like yours too! But, your candles are awesome!

You got some great shots at the race track too.

Sarah said...

Those are really pretty candles! I've been wanting to tackle this as a project too. But I had no idea it was so risky. I'll have to think it through real hard before I act b/c I have wood floors in my kitchen. They are really beautiful candles though! Makes me want to go melt some wax!

Ann said...

It's such a creative hobby. Do you make them to sell?

sista' moonshine said...

Ann, mostly I make them for this once a year craft fair that my work has during the holidays. I sell them there. Otherwise, I make them for gifts. I use to sell them in local shops but since I just got the kitchen partially remodeled I don't make them as often.
Sarah, it is a risky business. I have to cover the floors with a drop cloth and I cover my counter tops. Liquid dyes stain bad and wax has a tendency to splatter. All that and an occasional burn here and there (I just burnt my knuckles with the heat gun).
I love making them though.
Thanks Karen for the paws up!

How long can such beauty last when it is just  barely hanging from a vine?