Monday, October 26, 2009

Day of the Dead - 2009

Saturday we attended the Day of the Dead in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Hollywood. I love going to this event. The altars paying their respects to loved ones is truly amazing. (Oh by the way, it wasn't a full moon that night. That's a large paper lantern that is representing a full moon.)

Many of the altars depict themes of love and marriage; couples that stayed together until they passed away.

Other altars paid homage to people's passions in life.  This young girl loved music and made all the paper mache skeltons playing their instruments.  

Altars for the famous


Here's another example of just how elaborate these altars can be

and even how simple they can be


gtyyup said...

I remember when you posted this event last still amazes me how much detail goes into the alters!

sista' moonshine said...

Oh it's amazing how much work they do on these paper mache skeletons. They're huge! There was one with a bride and groom skeleton in a car and the sign above them said "Just Married". It was done up nicely. My picture didn't come out very good because my flash was dying. I hope to see it again next year.

Ebie said...

I knew about this but I was so tired after the drive to Big Bear. But I went the day after and there were some decorations and flowers left.

You took some lovely shots!

I live in the Noho/Burbank area, maybe we could be neighbors.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! What a great Halloween post, these shots are just spectactular!

Lori Skoog said...

These photos are the max! Wow.

How long can such beauty last when it is just  barely hanging from a vine?