Friday, January 2, 2009

Will 2009 Be a Happy New Year?

Well it's 2009 and time to set our goals and break our resolutions. Will 2009 turn out to be a happy new year? I hope so.

My resolution: I'm going to really, really set my mind on getting myself healthy and in shape. I have the BIG 50 staring me right in the face. In six months I'll turn 50 and I'm setting that number as my target goal to get in shape. That's the number 1 resolution. Resolution No. 2 is to be a good wife and partner to my husband. I'm going to become a better listerner. I'm going to be, as Dr. Laura always says, be your husband's girlfriend. I'm also going to take care of him more than I do now--which is not much. We're both setting our minds to getting in shape so we'll work together on that resolution.

Resolution No. 3 - No drinking until my birthday week. That's part of the getting in shape, but it's also just a personal goal of mine. Hubby and I spend too much time going out and spending money drinking and I really want stop throwing money and time away. I'm going to have to be more creative with friends who want to meet us for a drink and offer up some other suggestions. That might be difficult with them, but I can at least start with my husband and we can find other things to do on Sunday afternoon. He's a real sports fan so having beers and watching the games with others is what he likes to do. This might be difficult to change but I'll try. At least if I'm with him I'm not going to drink. I'll just read my book and have a diet coke.

Resolution No. 4 - Get a hobby. I already make candles which I enjoy but I want to do something else. Now that I'm reading other people's blogs, I'm really enjoying everyone's photographs and I want to do something more with the camera. If I can I'm going to see about upgrading my camera to an SLR. Maybe I can find a good deal on Ebay.

Resolution No. 5 - I want to also donate some of my time and do volunteer work.

Resolution No. 6 - Drive the speed limit. I'm always driving too fast on the freeway; especially in the morning. I'm going to get up earlier and drive slower.

Well that's what I have so far. I'll add more as I go.

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